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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SAGA Trunk Show and Tea

The week before last, on May 3, we held a Tea to allow our members to see the traveling Trunk Show that SAGA sends out every year. Since we weren't able to have the Trunk Show for one of our regular meetings, we decided to hold a separate event, the Tea. Terri Castillo graciously offered her house for the event. This is one of three tables. Please excuse the really terrible cell phone photos as I forgot my camera (a regular occurrence). We had lemon curd (shown) and clotted cream (hiding behind the centerpiece) to put on our scones.

One of the centerpieces.

The favors. In addition to the tea bags, each contained a vintage hanky and a honey stick. Later on this summer we will use the hankie in a project.

We'll probably make something like this lavender sachet. It has a tea bag inside filled with lavender. In case you are wondering, you can buy the empty tea bags online and cut them to fit. They can be heat sealed, just touch them with a hot iron.

The food was marvelous! Here is the scone tower. We also had tea sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, Greek butter cookies, and even...

a sandcastle cake! Which we forgot to eat.

Some of the members looking at all the lovely clothes. No close up photos, they are all encased in plastic and we are not allowed to touch the actual items.

Thank you to the Tea Committee who made it all possible: Dayna Arbiso, Lisa Cheverier, Terri Castillo, and Cynthia Gilbreth. This was so much fun we may have to do it again next year!

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  1. Great Pictures! Very nice to be able to gather together to enjoy smocking and friendship!